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 +====== Step-by-Step Instructions ======
 +===== How to link your devPanel Workspace to AWS =====
 +  - In a devPanel Workspace, click "​Create Server";​ see https://​goo.gl/​z6kRP1
 +  - Note that the "​Create Server"​ button is now disabled... that's because the Provisoner is not configured as yet; see https://​goo.gl/​yDqUhj
 +  - Let's configure the Provisioner next... click "​Configure Provisioner";​ see https://​goo.gl/​jk17XT
 +  - Your page will look like this... https://​goo.gl/​jqrGhn;​ leave this page as is for now
 +  - Login to your AWS Console and select IAM service; see https://​goo.gl/​zNGEHb
 +  - Click on Users; see https://​goo.gl/​nkzFcp
 +  - Click on Add user button; see https://​goo.gl/​6i5WrQ
 +  - Enter a user name, for example "​devpanel";​ Give it Programmatic access and click Next; see https://​goo.gl/​SdJtD2
 +  - Under the "Add user to group",​ search and select the "​admin"​ group, click Next; see https://​goo.gl/​rhQG4F
 +  - Review and make sure everything looks right... then click Next; see https://​goo.gl/​UYZnb7
 +  - You should get a Success message; see https://​goo.gl/​uHnuih
 +  - Copy and paste the Access key and Secret key from AWS to devPanel; see https://​goo.gl/​Rtusx7 and https://​goo.gl/​FKoMTK
 +  - Click the Save button on devPanel; see https://​goo.gl/​iR57xS
 +  - Click the Close button on AWS; see https://​goo.gl/​PEkLiG
 +  - Your Provisioner is now setup on devPanel and you're now free to create a server in your Workspace; see https://​goo.gl/​P8vtmr
 +===== How to create an AWS server in your devPanel Workspace =====
 +  - Once your Provisioner is setup on devPanel, click on Create Server; see https://​goo.gl/​P8vtmr
 +  - Fill in your server specs and click Save; see https://​goo.gl/​qADcqy\\ TIP: Select at least 8 GB for the Disk Space
 +  - You'll see that the server is in "​Create Pending"​ state and you can see the activity log under Recent Activities; see https://​goo.gl/​irfZDt
 +  - When the server is built, you'll get notified and the server will show as "​Enabled"​ and devPanel will show you the address of the server; see https://​goo.gl/​JpRKTx
 +  - You can now click on the server name to manage the server; this is what the server details page should look like: https://​goo.gl/​b6X2SH
 +  - You're now done creating your server; next we'll look at how to create an application
 +===== How to create an application in your Workspace =====
 +  - Go to your server details page: https://​goo.gl/​b6X2SH
 +  - Click on Create an App under Applications;​ see https://​goo.gl/​wMWJ64
 +  - Fill in the details on the Create App form and click Save; see https://​goo.gl/​zX33nb\\ TIP: remember the admin password... you'll need it later to login as admin in your app
 +  - devPanel will now show the application in "​Create Pending"​ state; see https://​goo.gl/​Qevzvn
 +  - Once the application is created, you'll be notified and devPanel will show you the URL to the application;​ see https://​goo.gl/​YyrCZ4
 +  - clicking on the URL will take you to the application;​ see https://​goo.gl/​5A1a6W\\ TIP: test your "​admin"​ access and set your admin email right away
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