For Teams

Create and manage multiple teams
Create dev, admin, offshore, contractor teams… or separate teams for each client. Drop your teams in any workspace and all the team members keys will be automatically added to all the apps on all the servers in that workspace.

We'll manage the SSH keys for you
When someone leaves your company, simply remove them from your teams and we'll remove their SSH key access from all the servers and applications.

Easily track progress
You can create test apps for any commit in your projects to see where your developers are with their tasks… without bothering them.

Invite collaborators to your teams
Just like github, you can start by inviting developers as collaborators on projects or you can invite them to your team. Adding developers/admins to teams instantly gives them access to all projects, servers and apps that team is working on.

Manage admin and developer teams per project
You can add teams as admins or developers to projects. Developers can create and delete their own servers as needed for development, but only Admins can delete servers created by others.

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