What's devPanel

devPanel automates DevOps on AWS.

Here are the top ten reasons why you should use devPanel! It lets you…

  1. develop, test, deploy and manage Drupal, Wordpress, Grav and other applications
  2. run multiple dev, test, stage & prod apps/sites per server
  3. deploy mission critical apps/sites on highly available, scalable and fault tolerant clusters so they don't go down due to traffic spikes or individual server outages
  4. create AWS optimized, secure, and auto scaling (up and down) clusters with a few clicks
  5. take control of your costs - run servers and clusters under your own AWS account! It includes support for spot & reserved instances
  6. collaborate on projects with multiple teams (internal and external) like contractors and agencies
  7. keep your applications, code, environments and servers securely under your control as teams and developers move in and out of your projects
  8. Brag about 99.9999% uptime!
  9. comply with PCI-x, SOX, and seven other things you don't remember
  10. sleep better with 24×7 Support for when you need an extra hand or a pair or eyes, when your developers are sick or on vacation, or when you have turnover

Every account comes with the ability to...

  • create unlimited projects (workspaces)
  • create servers and apps under your own AWS account (AWS provisioner)
  • setup dev/test/stage/prod environments
  • import apps/sites from other platforms
  • deploy apps directly from GitHub, BitBucket or any git repo, from a specific branch
  • manage custom domains for your apps
  • backups with one-click restores
  • lock applications/sites to prevent dev/test sites from unauthorized access
  • manage SSL certificates (purchased certs and/or free Let's Encrypt certs)
  • manage servers with full root/ssh access and limited app access for developers
  • enable automated security updates & patches to server OS
  • automate SSH key management (for enhanced security & compliance)
  • invite someone else (managers, clients, etc.) to pay for workspace
  • use separate servers for dev, test, stage, production environments (if needed)
  • clone/move apps/sites between servers (for example to move from small server to large server)
  • invite collaborators & teams/agencies as developers or administrators
  • transfer ownership of workspaces (projects) to different users
  • limit server/app/site access through firewalls (iptables)
  • create named users with sudo privileges so you have a log of who's doing what on each server

Optional capabilities include the ability to...

  • setup CDN & WAF via AWS
  • configure custom workflows with approvals
  • automate testing of applications/sites
  • audit environments for compliance (PCI, SOX, etc.)
  • use the devPanel CLI & API to integrate devPanel with your website/application
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