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well, you should branch wp, create a new dev/test site, go into wp, update via web interface, and if everything works, then commit the changes and merge to master… OR go update the master directly

Does devPanel say “Invalid ssh-key” ?

Does your key look like this?

—- BEGIN SSH2 PUBLIC KEY —- Comment: “rsa-key-20180208” AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAQEAtbirDwEVali2B85+v24nDOhF5BjzDACCQvTY aSwk1ILzwoOm52juXSsGNIPbckueJNIWPVrkQX4PqBh9Kox8FhBnviSL8fpyYIyy NQXF61zHDCs2n/fcQAxf23C+A8LBBDrobT0k2d3jg09PTOD08Dq0PqEjiHJb/m0f LXxJwXUL0bl4MNiUjJnmMtXNiPAihre5jgY5gzlCk4IS29JtErTbZH9jsMM1/95N 175NWM2gBJ0mhvpGUrmcEVGjexZcpg3D1YTMTRzS/JkICPdPbHKJEouqk8ococoF TPQS1hhvn+NxPIv0U6bLZoDhNggzlPih4edgA5kCFb2Amlr6bQ== —- END SSH2 PUBLIC KEY —-

then it's because this key is not in the openssh format…you need to convert it with command: `$ ssh-keygen -i -f key-file` and use the converted key that it'll show


  1. Make sure you have a server provisioned.  Example of a provisioned server
  1. Make sure you have your branch pushed to either Github of Bitbucket
  2. Ensure you have a database sql.gz file. You can find example ones below

Example App Walk through

You can follow our example below, all our source code is on Github

  1. Locate the application section and click on Create An App

  1. Select the type of app you want to deploy 1)
  2. Fill out the information make sure to use the db password supplied below if deploying from our example
  3. For source code select custom code from repository
  4. And then choose your provider being either Github or Bitbucket
  5. Select your repository after authenticating
  6. Select the branch you wish to deploy
  7. For the database choose Get database from URL and insert a link from below for the app you're deploying
  8. Hit Save and your app will start building.
After deploying your application you will get a URL to your new site like this one http://dkxwj0.vps-54-204-90-48.v3-dev.devpanel.net

Database URLs

  1. Drupal 8 - login admin / admin123
  2. Drupal 7 - login admin / admin123
  3. Wordpress - login admin / adcabc


We currently support Drupal 8 & 7, Wordpress and Grav
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