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 ====== For Developers ====== ====== For Developers ======
-Use devPanel API from your site: +**AWS skill not needed**\\ 
-  ​- ​to spin up free trials of your templates/​applications +We give you all the tools to start developing and testing ​your sites on AWS within minutes ​of signup. No need to learn AWS. 
-  - then convert them into paying customers +
-  - and provide support, patches and upgrades for a fee +
-  - or sell hosted version ​of your template/​application+
-[[Contact us]]+**make the most of each server**\\ 
 +You can run multiple dev, test, stage, or production sites on a single servers. devPanel creates and manages servers under your own AWS account and you can manage as many servers as you like.
-===== Benefits: =====+**create test sites for each commit**\\ 
 +devPanel lets you create temporary testing sites on any branch of your git repo. Use this to test your work and get approval before merging your changes on master.
-  ​retain full control of your code, applications,​ and servers\\ +**work with collaborators**\\ 
-  ​* ​invite ​and dismiss teams/​agencies ​as needed through the life-cycle of your application\\ +invite ​other developers ​as collaborators ​when you need help with something. ​
-  * get project/​application support/​advice/​oversight directly from devPanel as-needed/when-needed\\ +
-  * get activity audit-logs for compliance management\\ +
-  * integrate ​with other best-of-breed applications/​services\\ +
-  * AWS optimized architecture - cost effective, flexible, scalable & resilient\\+
-==== Create test environments from a specific Git branch ====+**work with teams/​agencies**\\ 
 +invite and dismiss teams/​agencies as needed throughout the life-cycle of your application\\
-devPanel ​makes it easy to deploy ​specific version of your application to a server hosted on AWSThis means you can: +**make app/site templates**\\ 
-  * test new features in a real Cloud environment,​ +if you're creating landing pages/sites or sites that need the same modules and functionality,​ then you can use devPanel to create ​template and then use that as a starting point for your other projects.
-  * compare different versions of your app when troubleshooting+
 +**launch with a few clicks**\\
 +when you're ready with your site, you can launch your site to one production server or to a scalable production cluster on AWS. we take care of setting up the backups and alerts.
 +**we'​ll help you grow**\\
 +with devPanel, you've got our sysadmins on call. just let us know how we can help.
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