For Developers

AWS skill not needed
We give you all the tools to start developing and testing your sites on AWS within minutes of signup. No need to learn AWS.

make the most of each server
You can run multiple dev, test, stage, or production sites on a single servers. devPanel creates and manages servers under your own AWS account and you can manage as many servers as you like.

create test sites for each commit
devPanel lets you create temporary testing sites on any branch of your git repo. Use this to test your work and get approval before merging your changes on master.

work with collaborators
invite other developers as collaborators when you need help with something.

work with teams/agencies
invite and dismiss teams/agencies as needed throughout the life-cycle of your application

make app/site templates
if you're creating landing pages/sites or sites that need the same modules and functionality, then you can use devPanel to create a template and then use that as a starting point for your other projects.

launch with a few clicks
when you're ready with your site, you can launch your site to one production server or to a scalable production cluster on AWS. we take care of setting up the backups and alerts.

we'll help you grow
with devPanel, you've got our sysadmins on call. just let us know how we can help.

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