For Businesses

save money on development
save on development with automation, reduce errors with built-in processes and recover easily with rollback

save money on hosting
pay the actual costs of hosting directly to AWS, not marked up prices charged by other platforms

get 99.9999% uptime with AWS
devPanel sets up AWS optimized infrastructure - cost effective, flexible, scalable & resilient

own your code
with devPanel, your code is safe and sound under your own AWS account. when you use devPanel, you can rest assured that you sites will continue to run as before even when you have turnover.

easy rollbacks
if there's ever a problem, we can walk you through rolling back your changes.

disaster recovery
we setup rolling backups for all your production server(s) and Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) so you can recreate your servers at any time in any region.

auto-scaling high-availability clusters
why pay for infrastructure that you don't need all the time. with auto-scaling, the number of servers serving your site goes up as your traffic goes up and automatically goes down as your traffic goes down.

compliance management
devPanel keeps detailed logs of who's doing what and when. if there's a problem, we can help.

integrate with best-of-breed applications/services
devPanel can be easily and cleanly integrated with your software and services.

keep your costs in control
other platforms charge up to 1000% premium over AWS. with devPanel, you'll pay AWS directly.

get unbiased advice
having problems or issues with your project? contact us and we'll help you make it right.

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